The heart of the HPO program is centered around the Review and Compliance section. This section ensures that developers comply with the necessary steps to meeting historic preservation requirements in order to obtain an HPO clearance. This clearance further allows the developer to obtain a Division of Environmental Quality Earthmoving permit or a Coastal Resource Management permit.
Applicants or developers are required to visit the Division of Historic Preservation and fill out an ¡°Application for Historic Preservation Review¡± form and turn in all needed construction plans and location maps. The HPO staff will then establish a time to inspect the project site. A reconnaissance survey is usually performed, as HPO trained technicians survey on foot to try to identify and locate any historic or archaeological sites within the project area. The result of the inspection will then be compiled into a survey summary form and packaged for the review of the staff archaeologist. Once all documents are complete and certified, a clearance will be transmitted to DEQ or CRM.
Site sensitivity is a huge factor in performing review and compliance activities. Certain areas, such as coastal zones, are more prevalent with pre-latte and latte associations. For this reason, monitoring conditions are stipulated in the clearance, thus equating the need for HPO personnel to be present before the commencement of any earthmoving activities. This action allows needed documentation to occur for purposes of archaeological reporting and site profiling.
To view statistical data for annual compliance review projects, click on the following link.

Fiscal Year 2003


a) 5 Year Chart of Total Square Meters Surveyed in the CNMI

b) Square Meters Per Island

c) Survey Summary Per Island


a) Saipan Villages: Survey in Square Meters (FY 03)-Chart

b) Saipan Villages: Survey in Square Meters (FY 03)-Stat

c) Saipan Villages:Survey by Village (FY 03)-Chart

d) Saipan Villages:Survey by Percentage (FY 03)-Stats

e) Project Type for Survey (FY 03)-Chart

f) GIS of Saipan Review and Compliance Project


a) Tinian Villages: Survey in Square Meters (FY 03)-Chart

b) Tinian Villages: Survey by Village (FY 03)-Chart

c) Project Type for Survey (FY 03)-Chart

d) GIS of Tinian Review and Compliance Project


a) Rota VIllages: Survey in Squre Meters (FY 03)-Chart

b) Rota VIllages: Survey by Village (FY 03)-Chart

c) Rota Type for Survey (FY 03)-Chart

d) GIS of Rota Review and Compliance Project


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